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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Contest

Anyone that has children, or anyone that is a sibling themselves, knows all about sibling rivalry. There is no denying its existence. I for one, was exceptionally competitive, and it seems that both Cassidy and Corinne are steadfast in walking in my footprints. They are nineteen months apart to the day, and their sibling rivalry is very real. I don't remember when it started between them. However, I'm starting to notice a trend with the boys. I wouldn't call it rivalry, rather more of an unspoken contest between the two. Who initiated it? My assumption would be Kai. What might the contest be you ask? Mainly, diaper counts. If one has several wet diapers on any given day the other ends it with more. The more [stinky] trend Richard and I have noticed is the dirty diapers! It would seem that through out the day Kai and Kaleb are continuously trying to one up the other in the poopy diaper department! One day each boy ended with FOUR in less than a 12 hour period! No sooner would I change one, than the other would need changed. Ay yi yi!! With Richard still recovering from his surgery, he is very limited in what and how much he can do around the house, and with the kids. ANY lifting has been strictly forbidden, and I think he's enjoying every minute of it! Well, at least the diaper contest parts!! My goodness! My hope is that the boys won't try to outdo the other in the dirty diaper "painting" contest! Kai is up to two "masterpieces" now. I pray there is no more....