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Friday, December 28, 2007

Horse Riding Lessons

Cassidy started horse riding lessons in November. Her Grandpa Steve signed her up, and takes her to her lessons which are located at the El Camino Ranch in Redland, Ca. Quite a long drive, I know. He chose that place because that's where Cassidy's Aunt took lessons as a young girl, so it's sentimental to him. She was so excited! Every little girl loves horses, what's greater than learning how to ride them? Here's some pics he took at her first lesson. 

Seeing her horse for the first time. 
It's name is Cherry.

Grooming is one of the more important parts of her lessons.
She has to groom Cherry before and after each ride.
She doesn't mind it at all.

Mounting Cherry for the first time.

Riding Cherry around the arena BY HERSELF 
during her very FIRST lesson!
She was so proud of herself, and so was Grandpa!