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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Parties Galore...

We got to go to two Christmas parties this year. One for church, and the other Richard's company party. Both are family parties which was really nice. Our church Christmas party was a success yet again, thanks to all the hard work of Jenny, our Pastor's wife, and all of the people who gave of themselves to set up, put together baskets, and other behind the scene's work. It was a great night of blessings, the main one being all of us coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ. This year was especially nice for Richard and I being that this is the first year that we attended CCC's Christmas party as part of the CCC family. (CCC=Calvary Chapel Cerritos) THANK YOU PASTOR DAVE and JENNY for putting on such a wonderful evening!!

Richard's company party was also a night full of fun. The owners of the company put the party on every year and make it a family friendly event. Which is pretty cool, not many companies do that. It was by far the best company Christmas party I've ever been to. Another thing I thought was fantastic about the whole company party, was that the owners did not concern themselves with political correctness. They didn't throw a "Holiday Party". Their invitations didn't say, "Happy Holidays", or "Season's Greetings". It was a CHRISTMAS party. That was a very nice touch, and nobody was offended, because practically all of the employees and their families were there. It was held at Joe's Garage in Tustin, and there was something for everyone there. There were lots of nice cars to walk around and oogle, there was a game room set up in the back for the older kids, with a bunch of arcade games, and such. Then there was a room for the younger kids full of Santa's Elves doing arts and crafts, and face painting. They even had Santa and Mrs. Clause in attendance! (And Santa was the most realistic looking Santa I've ever met!) All of the little kids got a chance to meet Santa, tell him what they wanted for Christmas, and then as they were leaving Santa gave them a gift. That was a nice touch! The looks on the kids faces when Santa handed them a gift was priceless! There was also a dance floor, which my girls rarely left all night. They danced their little hearts out all night, regardless of who was watching them. And let me tell you, for being the "shy" one, Corinne sure had no inhibitions on the dance floor! She commanded everyone's attention, and boy did she get it! I wished we'd had our video camera on us. O'well.

The Wilson Family
@CCC Christmas Party

The Burbridge Family
@ CCC Christmas Party

Santa's Elves painted their faces...

Kai wasn't as excited about Santa
Doesn't Santa look happy? =o)