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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Desperation at it's Greatest!

Taking the castor oil yesterday didn't really work at all for me. Mainly because I took the recommended dosage off of the bottle, too afraid to take the 3 Tbsp. that was recommended by all the home birthing websites. I started having strong contractions shortly after taking the castor oil yesterday that lasted all day and evening, but by nighttime they were gone, and I was too chicken to take more... After walking today again, still with no major changes, (the contractions are there, but not getting stronger or closer) I'm desperate enough to do ANYTHING to get this labor into full swing! So Richard and I stopped by the drug store and picked up more castor oil. When we got home I tried to take 3 Tbsp Castor Oil with OJ and 1 tsp baking soda to NO AVAIL! I couldn't get the stuff down! Richard just stood there watching me gag and spit up the nasty concoction, and it got him thinking. (This is one of the reasons why I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH!!!) He came up with a BRILLIANT idea! You see I have a really hard time swallowing ANY liquid that is foul tasting, and always have. But I've never had a problem swallowing pills, even big 'ole horse pills. So he had me try to swallow a cherry tomato whole. SUCCESS! Then he made me what we're dubbing TOMATO BOMBS to swallow whole. Basically he emptied out a cherry tomato with a straw, filled it with castor oil, and I swallowed it whole with a lot of water. The whole making process took a while, and swallowing smaller, easier to swallow whole cherry tomatoes definitely took a while. But we got results! I was able to get down 3 Tbsp of castor oil with NO problems!! (Did I mention how much I LOVE this man!?) He's so creative! Indeed my knight in shining armor!!! Here's some pictures to better amuse you....

First the Cherry Tomato

Insert straw

Suck out the insides

Fill with Castor Oil

Voila! A Tomato Bomb