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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kai's First Birthday

Kai just celebrated his first birthday yesterday. He's ONE! We had a small family get together for his birthday, and Mommy baked Kai his very own "special" birthday cake. The cake ended up looking more like an oversized brownie, and tasted something strange, but hey, all that matters is that Kai loved it! Kai got some pretty cool toys too. He got an awesome ball popper toy, that he loves, as well as a giant stuffed tree frog that's bigger than him! Mommy and Daddy got him his very first Tonka Truck. How cool is that?

Richard and I just can't believe how quickly one year has passed. What an awesome little bug! Richard and I are truly blessed!

Happy Birthday Little Bug

I'm One!

Daddy, Kai, and Kai's GIANT frog

Kai's Non-Dairy/Non-Soy Birthday Cake Brownie Thing

Digging into his cake

His right hand is full of cake


little piggy

A buttered nose makes it easier to slide into next year.