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Friday, February 13, 2009

Age Appropriate Chore Lists (WFMW #3)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Age Appropriate Chore Lists (WFMW #3)
Years ago, I received a great list of chore ideas for different aged children, as well as some sidenotes of what to expect from them about chores as various points in their lives.

I thought this would be a fun one to pass along. (There is no source listed on this handout at all, so I don't know who to credit for it.)

Oh, but before I begin, remember that every child is unique. Some children just may not be at a certain point by a certain age. These are just generalizations.

Ages 2 - 3

Chore Ideas:

*Help make the bed
*Pick up toys and books
*Take laundry to laundry room
*Help feed pets
*Help wipe up messes
*Dust with an old sock on their hands

Notes about this age:

*Excited to help
*Needs complete supervision
*Laying the groundwork

Ages 4 - 5

Chore Ideas:

*Clear and set the table
*Help prepare food (example: add ingredients, stir)
*Carry in groceries and put some away

Notes about this age:

*No constant supervision needed
*Feeling independent

Ages 6 - 8

Chore Ideas:

*Be responsible for a pet
*Vacuum and mop
*Take out trash and replace bag
*Fold and put away laundry

Notes about this age:

*Feeling very independent
*Not as excited to help you

Ages 9 - 12

Chore Ideas:

*Help wash the car
*Wash dishes
*Help prepare simple meals
*Clean the bathroom
*Rake leaves and shovel snow
*Operate the washer or dryer

Notes about this age:

*Crave continuity
*Need well defined consequences
*Need to feel they have input

Ages 13 - 17

Chore Ideas:

*Replace light bulbs and vacuum bags
*Wash windows
*Clean out refrigerator and other appliances
*Prepare meals
*Prepare grocery list
*Driving teens can do the grocery shopping

Notes about this age:

*Need consideration for their time
*Manage their expectations
*Appreciate affirmation
*Need to hear they're capable

(Though this is it's first time as a WFMW post, this post was previously published at Many Little Blessings in September 2008. Because this posting on my own blog brought up questions about allowance, you can read our thoughts on allowance at my blog.)
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