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Friday, February 13, 2009

"New Year, New Posts"

New Year, New Posts...
So it's February already! How is it that 2009 is already whizzing by so quickly? I fell off the blogging train for a while, and now I'm jumping back into the swing of things. I found this interesting website tonight -how, I have no idea! One site led me to another, and another, until I was just there- You know how that goes, I'm sure. The website is called "Monkey See" and is located at I found some really great videos there, and this one I wanted to share. I remember when I was in public school it seemed like several times a year my teachers taught us about safety. When was the last time I taught my chidren about safety? When was the last time you taught your children about safety? (Besides the moments of correction, and explanations. "Johnny, DO NOT run with scissors in your hand! You'll poke your eye out!"

Hopefully this will help spark up some conversations, get some giggles while practicing, and maybe successfully sneak learning into the middle of it!

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