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Monday, October 15, 2007

Almost Back to Normal...

Things are almost back to normal around here. For the last week and a half it's looked like we just moved in again. Boxes and stuff everywhere! Every corner is full of something. Why? Richard and I decided that since we're staying in our little two bedroom apartment that we had to find a way for it to work with 4 kids. So Richard and I moved out into the living room. We gave the girls our old room, and Kai and the baby will have the other room. We may as well have moved... There was a ton of rearranging, moving furniture, cleaning long lost corners, organizing, reorganizing, packing, unpacking, you name it I probably did it. But fortunately things are almost back to normal. Kai's and the baby's room is pretty much done, and the girls room is also pretty much done. Now all the work left is pretty much just in the living/dining room. We got rid of our couch, and have been looking for a queen size pull out sofa bed or futon, but in the mean time just moved our mattress out into the living room. The funniest part about that though, is that once we got rid of the box spring and just put the mattress down on the floor where our couch used to be, all of a sudden our mattress was comfortable again! We've both been hating our mattress because it felt like there was a big hole in the middle, so that everytime one of us laid down, we'd literally end up smooshed in the middle of the bed. No more! Now, I'm actually considering just leaving the mattress in the living room until after the baby's born. That way I'll sleep comfortably through the rest of this pregnancy. Funny how things work like that. Well, back to work for me. The school day is over, and now it's time for me to kick into high gear and get this place finished! I'll update with pics very soon. I promise!
God Bless