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Monday, October 8, 2007

Cassidy had her first gymnastics compettion last Saturday, and she did phenomenal! I'm so proud of her. She didn't get scared at all, and did better than expected considering it was her very first competition ever! She competed in three events, The Floor, Balance Beam, and the Vault. The Vault was her highest scoring event, at an 8.1. Which out of 10 is not too shabby. She did great in her floor and balance beam routines. She fell on her butt after her tumbling pass where she had to run across the floor at a diagonal, do a round off cartwheel into a back hand spring. But she got right back up, had a smile on her face and finished well. On the beam she did very good as well. There were some balance checks as to be expected, and she momentarily forgot a sequence in the routine, but recovered quickly and finished with a smile on her face. The whole time she was competing she had a smile on her face. Her face just lit up, and it was quite contageous. The judges couldn't resist and by the time the award ceremony came around she was sitting and talking with rival teams. I had tears in my eyes watching my little baby girl. She's took this challenge head on, and did it with such grace and humility! God truly gifted this child with her strength, agility, drive, ambition, and endurance. It seems as if she was created for gymnastics, physically and emotionally. She's adapted so well to it at such a young age, and is so completely natural, that even her coaches are taken aback at times. I will post video as soon as I upload them from the camera... Just wanted to share Cassidy's phenomenal first competition. Oh and her team won the 2nd place trophy which is actually very surprising because her gym was the only gym to compete such young inexperienced gymnasts. Truly amazing!