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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kai's up to something...

Kai. Where do I begin? He's the most precious baby I've ever known! He's so sweet, and cuddly. He has the best personality, and is such a good baby! He's always happy, even after just getting shots! He was not fussy as he was cutting his first two teeth, and was just happy and content as ever. There's definately something special between a Mother and a Son. I am incredibly bonded and close to both of my daughters, but there's just something different with Kai. I don't really know how to even begin to describe it, but if you're a Mother to both a son and a daughter you know exactly what I'm saying. My heart just leaps when I see Kai, and when he smiles, my heart just melts. It's such a great feeling! I could spend all day doing nothing but sitting there watching Kai. He's getting much more mobile now, and is really quite entertaining. He's not crawling yet, but he can definately get around. If he sees something he wants, he's off scooting, rocking, and grunting until he gets what he wants. Usually, what he's trying so desperately to get is something he can't have, and OH! the frustration when that something is taken away! He's got quite a temper too. Especially now that he's getting more active, and playful he throws quite the little tantrum if something is taken from him. He's quite the giggler too, and has possibly the worlds cutest laugh. But I'm Mom, so I'm sure that's an incredibly biased opinion. =o) He got his first black eye yesterday, though it didn't really turn black and blue. He was playing with Daddy at gymnastics yesterday, and his head connected with Daddy's tooth, and it cut his eye lid just a hair, barely bled, and swelled up just a tad. But you would've thought the world had ended with the way that Kai cried, and Daddy's guilt was enough to make Daddy want to cry with his son too.... Too cute. My reaction? He's a boy! It's only the first of many I'm sure! My little squishy faced chub bucket! I love him!