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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've hit a wall.
With my house.
It's impossible.

I have 4 little ones home with me everyday, and we live in a small house. My guess is its under 1000sq. ft. It's a rental, so I don't know for sure. Amongst my 4 little ones are two toddlers. Toddler boys.
They are little tasmanian devils I tell ya!
Especially that little red head!
That little red head has taken a fancy to our bookshelves. As a matter of fact, he is quite obsessive compulsive about it. He must rearrange a book or two every time he walks past it. It's in the living room, right next to the sliding glass door to our backyard. Which gets a lot of use. I also have 2 older girls who love to read, but hate to put things away where they got them. So after a short while my bookshelves start looking like...

Because it's in the living room, it starts to drive me crazy when it's in complete disarray!
So I went to target and bought a ton of their plain jane dishpans to help me organize my bookshelves.
Am I just completely crazy?
I might be having my own OCD moment here...
This is what I ended up with...

aaaaaaaaaaaagh... much better!
You can't tell [yet] but the books are organized into categories.