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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

My Best Friend and I.
We met in 1994, as sixth graders.
Here we are in 1998, beginning our sophmore year in High School.
This is probably about a month before she moved to another city about 2 hours away.

A life or death situation.
For a hormonal high school girl that is...

But, we became pen pals. My Best Friend and I.
I'm sure dozens of letters included the parting, BFF, phrase.
We were too.

Fast forward to March 2007.
My Best Friend and I at her wedding.
I cried at her wedding.
Not only because it was beautiful,
but because, I was giving my Best Friend away,
to the man of her dreams.

Another life or death situation.
For a hormonal pregnant woman that is...

We are still Best Friends.
We are Sister's in Christ too.
We are kindred spirits...
Our bond is like that of a modern day King David and Jonathon.

I love her. To pieces. She blesses me to no end.
She strengthens me, as "iron sharpens iron"-Prov. 27:17
She brings a whole new meaning to Best Friend's Forever, because her and I will share all of eternity, together, worshiping our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Friday Photo Flashback
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