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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm not sure how many of you have heard about Rafiqa Bary. The 17 year old girl raised Muslim who converted to Christianity at the age of 13, and hid it from her family for as long as she could. Her Father found out, and she ran away to Florida, in fear for her own life. Her claim is that her Father threatened to kill her, an "honor killing" which is called for in the Koran.

I believe her.
I'm praying for her.

Her parents are fighting for her return to Ohio, to their custody. As of today, a Florida judge ruled that she remain in foster care in Florida, until an "investigation" is completed into the home and family of this 17 year old girl. Pray that the Lord would do a mighty work in this case! That the Lord would protect this precious daughter of His! Pray for her safety!

Jesus, Mighty God, I come before you now, with my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ and lift up this precious child of God to you! I pray that you would do a mighty work in her life, in and through the people around her! I pray that you would bring wisdom, and clarity to the Judge over her case. I pray that the truth would be revealed to him, and that his ruling would be one to protect this young girl. I thank you for her courage, her strength, and her faith. Her ability to stand up for you, even with the fear of losing her life hanging over her head. I pray for a radical conversion of her family! You are an awesome God, and I've seen it happen before! I pray that through this young girl, and this situation, that her family would come to a Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ! The Alpha and Omega! I pray that through this many eyes would be opened to the truth and reality of Islam. I thank you for your love Lord, you love all people, and wish for none to perish. Thank you Lord. In the name of Jesus I bring this request.

Watch this video below, it will break your heart!