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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That's All For Now Folks...

I do apologize for any inconvenience I've caused by not posting the weekly grocery deals after all... A Thrifty Mom and Save At Home Mommy both have weekly grocery deals with coupon match ups.

My plate is full right now. Too full. Overwhelming actually. My husband and family need me right now. And so I've decided to take a break from the Coupon Match ups and Weekly Grocery Deals. I've actually taken quite an unexpected, but long break from couponing all together, and I don't know how long that will resume. Probably not for very long, as coupon savings are an absolute necessity for our family. Not a hobby, or even a luxury, but an cold, hard must!

I will still be posting and connecting with my close friends, family, and blogger friends who remain interested....

I am also open and willing to answer any questions one may have about saving money using coupons, cutting their grocery bill, and other frugal money saving questions, because over the years I have become quite the "frugal Mommy"... However the time it takes to post on a weekly schedule, and to write out the weekly posts, I don't have at this time.

I would like to ask you for prayer during this season in my life. And, NO, my marriage is not over, nor on the brink of being over. But Satan is very real, and very present in his attacks. As this is more of a spiritual battle being played out in a very personal, and very painful way.

There is a "Wordless Wednesday" post scheduled for tomorrow. Look forward to more pictures, updates on what is going on, posts about homeschool, prayer requests both mine and others who wish to share need for prayer, either for themselves or others. Look forward to me sharing the mighty, and powerful ways that the Lord is working and moving in my life. Providing, answering prayers, ministering, stretching, growing, and refining my family through the fire!

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement this past month, what a crazy month it's been! I couldn't even make up this stuff if I tried to people!! I've said this before, and I've always meant it, even now; THANK YOU for your support! You have all been so incredibly generous in your comments, emails, phone calls, hugs, and prayers!! I hope you will all continue to be a source of encouragement, because you are awesome!

My blogging journey definitely isn't over... just changing, growing, as my life changes and grows, because that's what we do right? As people? Especially as God's people!?

Won't you continue to join me on this amazing journey?

With all my love,