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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Do you ever find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Do you ever find yourself in the midst of intense moments or even days of chaos? All of us can I'm sure. I have found myself in that state more often than not in this last week or so. Really there is no good reason why, except for one. This last week or so, I haven't been in the word like I should be. I've had every reason not to be, "I'm tired", "I'm busy", "I have too much to do", "there's not enough time", but in the end there is no good reason other than lack of discipline. It's funny really the way that God shows us the areas in our lives that we need to work on. I just took a baby present to a friend yesterday and I got them, the best baby gift I was ever given. A biblical guidance book on disciplining and training your children. She was thankful for the gift, and I was thankful for the book, in my own life. Then all hell broke loose. Kai spiked a high temperature and the girls started going hog wild! Normally they are very well behaved at other people's houses, and out in public, but yesterday was a whole other can of worms! In one moment everything came unglued, me more than anything else, and the chaos set in. My stress level rose, and in return the girls behavior got a little more out of control, and Kai was, well sick. Having read the book I just gave as a gift many times over I knew how to react in situations like those, and how to discipline immediately. But having not been in the Word like I should have been, not having been praying like I should be, and not coming to the Lord daily for strength, wisdom, and guidance all hell broke loose, and I was the one left angry, frustrated, and stressed. Even a little embarrassed, but that's a pride thing and a whole other issue in itself. I apologized for everyone, and we made our departure sooner than I would have liked, but it had to be done. It was on the way home when I was practically in tears over the stress-that I was putting on myself mind you- that the Lord showed me a little nugget of guidance. On the floorboard of my car was the very book I had just given as a gift! I had to chuckle, and then it hit me. If all this time I had just been going to the Lord daily, delved into the Word, lifted EVERYTHING up in prayer like I should, and put into practice the stuff I have learned about discipline none of this would have been that bad. I let my discipline go, therefore my children let there's go. They reflect me! When I'm stressed, they're stressed. When I'm at peace, they're at peace. When I stay disciplined in going before the Lord, and staying in his Word, they will see that, and in turn learn to do the same.

Thanks Lord! It wasn't quite a lightning bolt, but it was pretty close. =o)