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Saturday, January 26, 2008


We are in dire need of prayer right now!

We are under yet another attack from Satan, and this is by far the biggest one we've come under as of yet. Hands down! Richard and I are trying to be very strong right now, and trying to protect our daughters, and our family from the destruction that Satan is trying to bring on us. We feel scared, and angry right now, as well as betrayed. Those are normal reactions for anybody considering the circumstances, but we are striving for the not so normal reactions; the Godly reactions, of love, faith, and trust. Which is hard at the moment.

We can't do this alone, and we know that. The situation we have found ourselves in is humanly impossible for anyone to get through without the LORD JESUS CHRIST on their side!BUT with the LORD on our side we know that we will be victorious in the end, because our GOD is stronger than anything Satan can throw at us! We have the LORD JESUS CHRIST on our side, which is more than enough to suffice, but we also need vigilant prayer! From ourselves, and anyone who is willing to join in this battle with us through prayer! Please keep our family in your prayers, ask others to pray for us, put us on any and all prayer lists you know of!

Here are our prayer requests:

PRAY for our daughters CASSIDY and CORINNE - that the LORD would shelter and protect them from Satan.

PRAY for Richard and I -that we would NEVER take our eyes off the LORD through this very painful time. PRAY that we would be strong and rely WHOLEHEARTEDLY on the LORD to bring us through this, and NOT on our own strength or accord! PRAY that through this attack the LORD would be glorified, that we would find JOY in this suffering!

PRAY for Steve Wilson (Richard's father) he needs your prayers also at this time.

PRAY for the social worker Jamie Estrada- that the LORD would OPEN his eyes and heart to the TRUTH in this matter and quickly put a STOP to it!!

THANK YOU ALL for your prayers! Our family has never been in greater need for it than at this moment in time!

Here are a few versus of great comfort to me through this ordeal:

~ "My comfort in my suffering is this: YOUR promises preserve my life"
-Psalm 119:50

~ "Trouble and distress have come upon me, but YOUR command are my delight"
-Psalm 119:143

~ "I rise before dawn and cry for help, I have put my hope in your word"