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Monday, January 28, 2008

What's New in the Neighborhood....

So here's what's new in the Land of Wilson...

Kai is getting SO big SO fast, and has a whole new bag of tricks! He's starting to just jabber away! Here's the list of words he says regularly. "BYE" "HI" "DADDY" "MAMA" "BABA" "CASSIDY" (though it sounds more like 'ADDUHDEE") and now it sounds like he's starting to say "BABY". I'm trying to get him to say Corinne, but we're not there yet. He's getting much braver too! He's starting to stand on his own now, and he's wanting to be walked around a lot more! He walks a little sideways, especially if he's just holding on to one hand for assistance. He's also developing quite the temper, or I guess I should say his temper is really starting to show itself. Yay for Mommy. =o) He's not going to be that super duper easy, laid back kid like his Daddy that we were hoping for. Nope. Instead he's going to have the stubborness, strong-will, and temper of the Burbridge's, just like Me, Cassidy, and Corinne. Me and Cassidy mainly. He's also biting. Something which we are trying to put a stop to right away. He's like a little puppy dog! It's brought a whole new meaning to that little poem for me... (boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails....) He's in constant motion, investigating everything, getting into everything, biting everything! His teeth are just as sharp as a little puppy's too!! Let's see what else is he up to? OH. His new trick is opening up my fridge and getting into it. Right now he's only been getting into the stuff on the bottom of the fridge door like my sticks of butter, but it won't be long before he's making all sorts of ungodly messes on my floor. He's also developing quite the little knack for flirting! It's rather adorable actually. He plays coy and puts his head to the side almost to his shoulder all the while smiling at the object of his affection. All in all he's quite the little guy, keeping me busy for sure! He's so much fun, and so infectious! I'd rather watch him for hours rather than the tv. He's more fun.

Corinne is getting so big too! We looked at her the other day, and couldn't believe our eyes! She's not a little girl anymore! She doesn't have that little girl look anymore. It seems overnight that she became a little young lady, and we're just left figuring out when it happened. She's very excited about Mommy learning how to sew, as is big sister. Her a little more though I think. She went with me to the fabric store a couple of weeks ago, and was so excited when she found two fabrics that she loved, and was even more excited when Mommy bought them. (for $1.25/yd it was very affordable) They're cute too, and they match. They're both pink, one is a paisley design, the other a heart design. She can't wait to have a dress or skirt made out of them! There actually might be enough for both! Won't she be surprised. =o) She's also doing really well with learning and writing her alphabet. She can now spell her name, knows all of the alphabet by sight, can write almost the entire alphabet, and almost knows the entire alphabet by sound. (She is only 4) She's also started ballet and has had 3 classes so far. She LOVES it!!!! She never got as excited about gymnastics as she does ballet. It's so cute to watch too! In her class they are all 4 year olds, and at her dance studio they ONLY teach ballet, and they start off with the basics of ballet. Watching her class do all the positions and try to hold them is like watching someone try and stand a wet noodle on end. They wibble wobble every which direction. It's adorable! Here's a funny little story about Corinne. I made 26 shoe prints out of felt and on one side put all capital letters, and the other side all lower case letters. It's called Corinne's alphabet stomp. (An idea I found online) Last week I asked Corinne to stomp on the letter that says... and I would say the sound of the letter. This is what transpired:
Mommy: "Corinne stomp on the letter that says /y/u/h/ like yo-yo"
Corinne stomped on the Y.
Mommy: "Corinne stomp on the letter that says /l/ like Lion"
Corinne stomped on the L. We repeated a second time this time around it went something like this:
Mommy: "Corinne stomp on the letter that says /y/u/h/ like yellow"
Corinne stomps on the L.
Mommy: "No Corinne not the L" and I repeat myself. She again steps on the L. So I say,
"Corinne stomp on the letter that says /y/u/h/ like yogurt." She AGAIN steps on the L! I tell her "No, not the L"
I asked her to say the words yellow and yogurt.
Corinne: "LELLOW" "LOGURT"
I just laughed. For some reason she can say 'yo-yo', but not yogurt, or yellow. No matter how many times you correct her, Yogurt is Logurt, and Yellow is Lellow.

Cassidy is doing well all the way around. She's training for Level 5 in gymnastics, and is really doing well during her practices. Her coaches are pushing them very hard, and the amount of strength and conditioning they do is unbelievable! I couldn't do half of what Cassidy does on a regular basis. She's also doing really well in school. Math will more than likely be her strong suit. She gets it so quickly! We're much farther ahead in Math than we are in anything else. She's learning fractions and basic geometry right now, and it's coming so easily to her. It doesn't confuse her at all. Me on the other hand never understood geometry, and fractions, well let's just say math is NOT my strong suit. Her reading is doing very well too. She's starting to develop a love for reading, which I am so thrilled about! Especially since reading has long been a favorite for me since I was 3 years old. She sits for hours with a book, and she is also developing a love for her Bible. Another thing I am SO thrilled about! She will sit there for long periods of time, reading passages in her bible. What a blessing it is to see your little one developing a love for God's word, and her love of God growing stronger!!

Anyway, that's what's going on with the Kids in this neighborhood. Mommy and Daddy will update later, but I'll leave you with this;