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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


While shopping for Baby #4 I was discouraged about the baby bedding. I love the bedding that Kai has, though it is not my absolute favorite so to speak, I love the colors, and the freshness of it. I was considering purchasing a duplicate set for Baby #4 but at $180 used, and over $200 new that was out of the question. So I talked to my mom, who suggested calling my aunt, who in turn agreed to teach me how to sew. YAY!! I'm very excited can you tell? Last Sunday my Aunt took me to M&L Fabrics in Anaheim and I was immediately intimidated by the project that lay ahead of me. I found a pattern for the bedding, and then I found a $200 machine discounted to $78!! Perfectly under my $80 budget. So, since Sunday, I've been browsing online at all the different fabric stores, discount stores, designer stores etc.. I stumbled across a couple really fantastic online stores that have a wide range of modern, pop-art, and retro reproduction fabrics. I found "Stars on Mars" Two Young Street by Prints Charming and I was in love at first sight. Isn't it fantastic?

Then I found this ladies blog hailing this fabric and makers, and I fell in love all over again. Here's what she did with the fabric. (The blog address:

It's out of my price range though, so I won't be making any baby bedding out of this stuff. But! I do have another project in mind for this fantastic print.... which I'll reveal at another date.

I do have a second choice fabric for the baby bedding, and I actually was able to find it at a discounted price, though still out of my price range... I'll keep looking, I'm good at finding bargains. Here's the second choice fabric. Cute.