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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Albertsons Deals June 24-30

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Here are the best deals this week at Albertsons.
(I only chose what I felt to be the best deals, as always, if you feel I missed something leave me a comment and let me know, or email me. Thanks!)

Big Relief Price Cut Items:

Minute Maid OJ: $5.99 WAS $7.29
Farmer John Cooked Ham: #3.99 WAS $4.89
Albertsons Deli Lunchmeat: $2.99 WAS $3.99
Children's Motrin: $5.99 WAS $7.99
Albertsons Fruit Bowls: $2.00 WAS $2.99
Culinary Circle Pizza: $4.99 WAS $5.99
[get FREE Sunkist/7-UP WYB Culinary Circle Frozen Pizza!]
Albertsons Tomato Sauce: $.99 WAS $1.69
Star Kist Tuna: $.99 WAS $1.39
Moran's Ground Beef: $6.59 WAS $7.99
Albertsons Cranberry Juice Cocktail: $2.49 WAS $3.89
HomeLife Sandwich Bags: $2.49 WAS $3.59
HomeLife Toilet Paper: $5.99 WAS $6.99
Gilette Fusion Razor: $8.99 WAS $11.99
Claritin: $19.99 WAS $23.59

[all coupons read: "w/ $25 minimum preferred card purchase. limit 1 coupon per customer per transaction.]
Breyers Ice Cream: $1.99 -LIMIT 2
-$1.00/2Q in 5/17 RP
FP: 2/$2.98

Arrowhead Mtn Spring Water: $2.99 -LIMIT 2
-24pk .5 liter bottles -or- 12pk 700ml bottles
-$.75/1Q in 5/17 RP- 1 700ml 12pk
-$.75/2Q in 5/17 RP- or- 1 00ml 12 pk
FP: 2/$4.48

Kraft Miracle Whip/Mayo: $1.99 -LIMIT 1
-$1.00/1Q in 6/14 SS -miracle whip
-$.75/1Q in 6/21 SS- mayo
FP: $.99-$1.24

Doritos: 2/$4.00 -Limit 2

Albertsons Sliced Bacon: 2/$5.00 -Limit 2

HomeLife Orig. Charcoal: $3.99 -Limit 2

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Cereal Savings: $1.75
Froot Loops-Corn Flakes-Raisin Bran-Hannah Montanna-Corn Pops-Frosted Mini-Wheats-Keebler Cookie Crunch-High School Musical-Albertsons Cereals-Kellogg's Fruit Snacks-Kellogg's Pop Tarts
-$.55/1Q in 6/7 RP -Pop Tarts
FP: $1.20
-$1.00/1Q in 6/7 RP- Kellogg's Mini Wheats
FP: $.75
-$1.00/1Q in 6/7 RP- Kellogg's Froot Loops, Corn Pops
FP: $.75

in a single transaction using your preferred savings card.

$.75 EACH:
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

$1.00 EACH:
Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

Cool Whip

Kraft Easy Mac

-B1/G1 FREE Q (???)
FP: 2/$1.00

Jello Gelatin/Instant Pudding

$1.25 EACH:
Kraft BBQ Sauce
-$.50/1Q in 6/14 SS
FP: $.75ea

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8oz brick

$2.00 EACH:
Kool-Aid Jammers

$2.50 EACH: 
Ritz Crackers

DiGiorno Pizza For One
-$1.00/2Q in 6/14 SS
FP: 2/$4.00

Kraft Bagelfuls

Plantars Peanuts

Kraft Salad Dressing
-$1.00/1Q in 6/21 SS
FP: $1.50

Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip
-$1.00/1Q in 6/14 SS- miracle whip
-$.75/1Q in 6/21 SS- mayo
FP: $1.50-$1.75

Kraft Cheese Singles

Kraft Shredded/Chunk/Cracker Cut/Crumbles Cheese

Louis Rich Turkey Bologna

Oscar Mayer/Louis Rich Meat/Turkey Franks
-$1.00/2Q in 5/10 SS-Oscar Mayer
FP: 2/$4.00

Oscar Mayer Bologna/Cotto Salami
-$1.00/2Q in 5/31 SS -bologna
FP: 2/$4.00

Oscar Mayer Beef/Cheese Franks
-$1.00/2Q in 5/10 SS
FP: 2/$4.00

Knudsen Sour Cream
-$.50/2Q in 6/14 SS
FP: 2/$4.50

Cool Whip Aerosol Topping

Jello Pudding/Gelatin 6pk
-$.60/1Q in 6/7 SS
FP: $1.90

Kool-Aid Sugar Free Drink Mix

Kool-Aid/Country Time Sugar Sweetened Drink Mix

$3.33 EACH

Yuban/Maxwell House Coffee
-$1.00/1Q in 6/14 SS
FP: $2.33

A-1 Steak Sauce
-$2.00/1Q in 6/14 SS
FP: $1.33

Crystal Light Drink Mix

Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon

Oscar Mayer/Louis Rich Lunchmeat

Kraft Deli Fresh Natural Sliced Cheese

Claussen Pickles/Sauerkraut

Regular Weekly Deals:

Albertsons Whole Chicken: $.69/lb

Strawberries 1lb: $.99

Lean Cuisine: $1.99
-$1.00/4Q in 5/3SS
FP: 4/$6.96

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi: 5/$12 ($2.40ea)

Bar S Bologna/Franks: 10/$10
-$1.00/2Q in 5/10 RP
FP: 2/$1.00 

Ball Park Franks: 2/$5.00
-$1.00/2Q in 5/7 RP
FP: 2/$4.00

Daisy Sour Cream: 2/$4.00
-$.50/1Q in 5/31 RP
FP: $1.50 ea

Nestle Nesquick: 10/$10
[refrigerated singles]
-$.50/1Q in 6/21 RP -if for this type
-$1.00/2Q in 6/21 RP -if for this type
FP: $.50 ea

Swiss Tea 64oz: 10/$10
-$1.00/1Q in 5/17 SS (2 1/2gal.)
FP: 2/$1.00

Gatorade 64oz: B1/G1 FREE

Crystal Geyser 128oz: 10/$10

Fuze Beverages: B1/G1 FREE

Quaker Quakes/Mini Delights: 2/$5.00
B4/G1 FREE!!

50% OFF Mt. Olive Relish/Pickles
-$.50/1Q blinky (a while ago)

25% OFF Hawaiian Tropic Sun Protection
-$1.00/1Q in 5/3 SS
FP: ?

25% OFF ABREVA Cold Sore Treatment
(normally around $19)

50% OFF Hefty Plates
-$1.00/1 IP

Schick Slim Twin Disposable Razors: $4.99
-B1/G1 FREE Q in 6/21 SS
FP: 2/$4.99

Pampers/Huggies Jumbo Diapers: $9.99
-$3.00 IP -Huggies Naturals
-$1.50/1Q in 6/21 SS -Huggies
-$1.00/1Q in 6/7 PG -Pampers
FP: $6.99-$8.49

Pampers/Huggies Wipes: $2.99
-$1.00/1Q in 4/19 SS-huggies bath/body
-$.75/1Q in 4/19 and 6/21 SS-huggies wipes 64ct >
FP: $1.99-$2.24

Nursery Purified Water w/ Flouride: 10/$10