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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vons Deals June 3-9

Here are what I feel the best Frugal Deals are this week at Vons. If you feel I've missed anything please feel free to leave me a comment below and share your Frugal Finds with the rest of us!

The Mix and Match is back!
Get $5.00 off instantly when you buy ANY 10 participating items!!
All prices listed are prices AFTER the $5.00 OFF and you MUST buy 10 participating items! 
So if you buy 10 items you get $5.00 off. If you buy 20 items you get $10.00 off and so on. But make sure you buy in 10 items increments.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese: $.75ea
-$1.00/2 IP -or-
-B1/G1 FREE Q from Parade...?
FP: 2/$.50 -or- 2/$.75

Crisco Cooking Oil sel. var.: $2.79
-$.75/1Q in 5/17RP Canola Oil w/ Omega 3 DHA (if part of sale.. some vons will double)
-$1.00/1Q in 5/17RP Olive Oil (if part of sale)
FP: $1.79-$2.04

Capri Sun: $1.49
-$1.00/1Q in 4/19SS Sunrise Product
FP: $.49

Cheerios/Cinnamon Toast Crunch: $1.50ea
-$1.00/3 IP -or-
-$1.00/3Q in 5/3, 5/31SS insert
FP: 3/$3.50 ($1.16ea)

Crystal Light: $2.49
-$2.00/2IP -or-
FP: $1.49ea

Hefty Storage Bags: $1.50
-$.55/1Q in 3/29RP One Zip Bags (some vons will DBLE) -or-
-$1.00/1Q in 5/17RP One Zip Bags
FP: $.50-$.95

Bertolli Jar Pasta Sauce: $1.99
-$.60/1Q in 4/5UN (some vons will DBLE)
FP: $.99-$1.39

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals: $1.99 (wyb 5)
-$1.00/2Q in 5/17SS insert
FP: $7.95 (or $1.59ea)

Safeway Select Breads: 2/$3.00
FP: $1.50ea
(always a pretty good deal when you can get bread for under $2 a loaf! Though Fresh and Easy usually has bread clearanced at $1.00 or less!!)

CPK Frozen Pizza: 2/$7
-$1.00 IP (from a few weeks ago-IF- these are the same as the coupon requirements)
use 2 Q
FP: 2/$5 -or $2.50ea

Digiorno Frozen Pizza: $5.99
-$2.00 IP (from a few weeks ago)
FP: $3.99

Sargento Sliced Cheese: $2.99
-$.40/1Q in 4/19SS (some Vons double)

Chef Boyardee: 10/$10
-$1.00/5Q from mailer...?
-$.35/3Q in 5/31SS (some Vons will double)
FP: 5/$4.00 -0r- 3/$2.30-$2.65

12 pck Pepsi/7-UP: B2/G3 FREE!!

I looked over the produce deals, and frankly I don't think any of them are a great deal, personally speaking. I get 99% of my produce at Buy Low. They have unbeatable prices, and a good quality and selection of fresh produce. Whatever I don't find at Buy Low, I usually find at Fresh and Easy in the clearance sections! I purchase A LOT of fresh fruits and vegetables for my family weekly, and I spend under $20 to feed my family of 6!!