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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Frugal Finds!

Okay, we've had a crazy week... 
(but don't we always?)
Why then does it seem like some are worse than others?
I digress...

I DID manage to get some shopping in!
Here are pictures, and details of my store runs!
(and YES I stayed COMPLETELY under budget!)

BUY LOW: $35
(give or take a couple dollars... I lost my receipt...)
I normally don't buy meat, but our supply is low, and it was on sale at Buy Low... 
Otherwise I would've spent under $20.00 for all of this produce!
(We used it and this usually lasts us a week...)

All of this would've cost me $323.80 without coupons.
I saved $209.19 by matching coupons to sales!
Vons has some GOOD STUFF this week!
Here's the breakdown of what I did, in case you'd like to get in on the savings!


4- Minute Maid Lemonade/Limeade: $0.99ea
FP: 4/$2.96 ($.74ea)

4-Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crust: clearanced to $1.50
-$0.25/1Q -only 1 doubled
FP: 4/$4.75 ($1.19ea)
[yummy, can't wait to use these!]

2-Kraft American Singles:$1.99
-$1.00/2Q (expired)
FP: 2/$2.98 ($1.49ea)

3-Hansen's Natural Root Beer: B2/G1 FREE ($2.99ea)
FP: 3/$4.98 ($1.66ea)
[a special treat for Hubby and the kids!]

10-Bar S Hot Dogs: $0.99
FP: 10/$4.90 ($0.49ea)
[I mainly cook from scratch, though Hot Dogs are my sanity saver!]

8-Oscar Mayer Deli Meats: $1.99
-$1.00/2Q [expired]
FP: 8/$11.92 ($1.49ea)
[for my Hubby's lunches... I had a lot of the Kraft IP Q's left, they expired 6/10-for me- so I stocked up as best I could!]

All Mix and Match Items are colored. I listed the price AFTER the $5.00 auto deduction at the register... I made sure to buy in quantities of 10!)

8 Wacky Mack Pasta: $0.99
-8 $0.50/1Q 
(2 doubled because I did 2 transactions thinking that up to 5 would double.)
FP: 8/$2.92 ($0.37ea)

8-Herdez Salsa: B1/G1 FREE ($2.99ea)
-4 $0.50/1Q 
(2 doubled, because I did 2 transactions same reason as above.)
FP: 8/$8.96 ($1.12ea)
[I love to cook chicken and rice with salsa... yummy!]

1-Capri Sun: $1.49 
FP: $.49 

9-Hefty One Zip: $1.50
FP: 9/$4.50 ($.50ea)

1-Wet Ones Sanitizer Wipes: $2.00
FP: $1.00

2-Digiorno Pizzas: $2.49
FP: 2/$2.98 ($1.49ea)

2- Hormel Pepperoni: $2.99
FP: $5.98

4-Betty Crocker Frosting: $1.50ea
-4 $.50/1Q (1 doubled)
FP: 4/$3.50 ($.87ea)

3- pkgs Chicken Leg Quarters: $11.97
(on clearance: would've cost $18.01)

4- Sierra Mist: $0.75
-2 B1/G1 FREE Q
FP: 4/$1.50 ($0.37ea)
[taking with us fishing... in case someone gets seasick]

6-Hamburger/Chicken Helper: $1.00
-2 $1.00/3Q
FP: 6/$4.00 ($.67ea)

5- Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes: $0.79
FP: $3.95
[I used these for filler items initially, but they didn't have 2 items on my list, so I substituted with these, hence 5 boxes!]

1 Kraft Dressing: $2.99
-1 $1.50/1Q 
FP: 1.49

4- Kraft Mac & Cheese: $1.49
-2 $1.00/2Q
FP: 4/$3.96 ($.99ea)

2- Pop Tarts: $1.49
-2 $1.00/1Q
FP: 2/$0.98 ($.49ea)

4- Graham Crackers: $2.49
-4 $1.00/1Q (expired)
FP: 4/$5.96 ($1.49ea)

4- Mission Flour Tortillas: $1.49ea
-4 $.55/1Q
FP: 4/$3.76 ($.94ea)

1- Bagel-ful: $1.99
FP: $0.99
[kids really wanted to try it, I figured sure why not.... I might get a couple days of sleeping in with these! Worth the trade off, as they're "processed"... ]

10- Farmer Johns Brkfst Sausage: $0.49
FP: 10/$4.90

1- Roman Meal Wheat Bread: $1.99
-$1.00/1 Catalina
FP: $0.99

2- Orowheat Sandwich Thins: $2.84
-2 $0.55/1Q (only 1 doubled)
FP: $4.13 ($2.06ea)
[the multi grain was so yummy! we love these!]

So with my Mix and Match, I saved an additional $25.00!!
I bought a total of 50 Mix and Match items, and I got $25.00 taken off at the register! 
(Prices I listed were the prices after the Mix and Match $5.00 was deducted at the register!)

(on a side note I was so sad when I was informed that my Vons has changed their coupon policy!)
(it seems they've joined the ranks of the less friendly stores towards coupon users!
They will now only double 1 of the same coupon, whereas they use to double up to the first 5 of the same! 
I almost shed a tear as I watched my savings diminish...
but hey, it could be worse! 
They could refuse to accept coupons all together!)

KMART: $10.31
All of this would've cost me: $76.84
[for this!!]
I saved a total of $66.53

[remember Kmart will only double up to 10 coupons PER DAY PER CUSTOMER thru Saturday night -unless you're lucky and they allow the alternative 75 coupon limit add, AND they're relaxed on the PER DAY part, sadly, So Cal Kmart's are a no go on that....]

Here's what I did:
(2 different transactions, 2 different days)
2- Axe body washes: $4.29ea
DOUBLED TO $3.00/1
FP: 2/$2.58 ($1.29ea)

1- Axe Shampoo: $4.99
FP: $0.99
[I was going for the Axe movie ticket promo, but alas, it ended on the 8th!]
(o'well guess my Hubby lucked out anyway!)

4- Razors: $3.49
DOUBLED TO $4.00/1

2- Dove Deodorants: $3.99
-2 $2.00/1Q
DOUBLED TO $4.00/1

1- Ketchup 24 0z.: $1.25
-FREE 24 oz. bottle Q

2- Keebler Cookies: $0.99 (clearance)
-1 $1.00/2Q
DOUBLED TO $2.00/2

1- Listerine Pocket Packs: $1.99
DOUBLED TO $1.00/1

2- Shaving Creams: $1.99
-2 $.75/1Q
DOUBLED TO $1.50/1
FP: 2/$.98

4- Chinet Lunch Plates: $3.89
-4 $2.00/1Q

2- Dinner Rolls: $0.50 (clearance)
FP: 2/$1.00

I LOVE saving money by clipping coupons, and planning my trips! I'm able to bless the socks off not only my family, but others as well!!