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Monday, June 1, 2009

Some Photos

I figured since I haven't posted much in the last two weeks I would post some pictures of what we've been up to around here. With four kids, there is never a dull moment!

My $20.22 Buy Low Produce Deal last Tuesday.
(Sale is over so I won't post details)

My $77 Target/Albertsons Deals two weeks ago
I saved $218.21!!
($42.25 was spent on Diapers/Wipes which doesn't come out of our $300 a month food budget I spent $35.05 on all of the food products, and using coupons got 29 items FREE and 32 items for under $1.00!!)
[These sales, and coupons have expired so I won't list the details]

This is my oldest Son. His face tells all.
He KNEW he was in BIG trouble!
Luckily it wasn't permanent marker, 
I had stocked up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!

I took pictures of the initial damage, but was a bit angry when I discovered red, purple, yellow, and blue marker ALL OVER MY TAN COUCH about 10 minutes after this was cleaned up, and I told him that it was a "No-No"!!
I didn't take pictures of that
Here is my Husband trying to practice for Spirit West Coast, and our youngest son needing to be in the thick of it.
Just because I think he's the cutest little bug out there!

And here is my one year old, proud that he managed to escape the house wearing only a bib on his head.