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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekly Deals Coming Late Tonight!

Hi everyone!

I haven't forgotten to post the deals. I promise! I will most likely be posting this weeks deals for Vons and Buy Low late tonight. 

There have been more pressing issues going on lately, and frankly, family must always come first.

My daughter who had Mono is getting sick again, sleeping a lot again, and they retested her today to see what in the world is going on!

My youngest son they have NO IDEA what is going on with him! He's had some issues since birth, that they can't explain. Last week they tested him for Cystic Fibrosis. THANK THE LORD the results came back NEGATIVE! Whew! However, they also tested him for Celiac's Disease, and though the results came back negative, his immunoglobin results were incredibly abnormal, which would in turn cause a false negative for the Celiac's. SO today we were once again at the Dr's office, and then the Lab getting even  more testing and blood work done. The Dr. also suspects he is suffering from an immunodeficiancy and which would also cause a lot of his symptoms. 

So, right now, things are a bit crazy for me!! On top of homeschool 3 of my 4 children are sick, and constantly needing to go to the Dr. or to the Lab for testing. I pray there is nothing serious going on, and that this is just another trial we must endure, the refiner's fire so to speak. 

I apologize to you who read this regularly and are disappointed that I'm not posting the amount of deals I was posting before. Once things get back to normal, my blogging schedule will too get back to normal.

Thanks for your prayers, and concern!