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Saturday, May 16, 2009


This was from a Smilemonsters PIF Giveaway from a few weeks back. 
(yes, I really am that behind on a lot of my "posts in progress" posts!)


I was so excited when I got this package in the mail! 
This was my FIRST EVER Giveaway Win!
Inside the envelope was this cute little package with a Thank You Post it stuck to it, 
and this cute black and white "blog card". (for lack of a better term?)

This is what was inside the package. A handmade ring from Smilemonsters!
My girls are LOVING it! Anything girly makes them smile.
Their smile makes me smile.
We like smiles!
We love Smilemonsters!

The terms of this giveaway however are this: The winner MUST PIF. (Pay It Forward)
Are you interested?

Here's what you must do to enter this giveaway:
Leave me a comment below, telling me what you will do to Pay It Forward (PIF) should you win the giveaway. I will select one winner at random on Saturday, May 30th.
Make sure that I have your email address, so that I can contact you in order to send you your prize!

Are you one of my followers? Only one of my followers will win the PIF Giveaway. Make sure you sign up to become a follower first, and then in your comment tell me you've become a follower, and what you will do to PIF!

I bet you're curious what I will be giving away.
You will have your choice between 2 kids movies.
The first movie is for older kids, and is one of my girls' favorites!
It is: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
The other movie is for young kids, mainly Toddlers, and is one of my boys' favorites!
It is: Noodlebug: All About Me!
Good luck!