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Monday, May 18, 2009

Walgreens Clearance Food!

Okay, I can't upload a picture right now, and my Photo Mosaic isn't working. Grr... 

However I DO have the details of the food I bought today at Walgreens that was on Clearance!

4- Starkist Tuna Pouches (in Water): $.37
2- Thai Kitchen Instant Pad Thai Noodles: $.62
3- Walgreens Brand Sea Salt in Grinder (same size as McCormick's): $.25
3- Dole Peaches in Light Syrup: $.90
1- Peter Pan Peanut Butter: $.90
-$1.00/1Q  FP: FREE
1- Hormel Compleats: $87
-$1.00/1Q  FP: FREE
2- Walgreens Brand Large Marshmallows: $.40
2- Campbells Spaghetti w/ Cheese: $.40
2- Walgreens Brand Wipes: B1/G1 FREE ($3.29ea)

I used $4 in Register Rewards that were expiring tomorrow.
I paid Out of Pocket: $7.52
I saved: $37.13

The only stuff that I bought for us to use were the Thai Kitchen Pad Thai's for my Hubby, 1 of the Marshmallows, 1 Dole Peaches, and 1 of the Wipes. The rest I added to my "Family Pantry" stockpile, so minus what I will use for my family I was able to add to my "Family Pantry" stockpile and yet only pay OOP $1.69!! I was pretty excited!