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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Minor Issues

Today is just one of those days where if something can go wrong it will. And boy, it's been one crazy day!! It started out with the dentist appt. at my old dentist to get yet another mold done for my permanent crown, from a root canal done August 2008! (Long story!) As I'm waiting for the dentist to get started he busts out the needle to numb me. But I thought I was ONLY getting the mold done!? Why do you need to numb me? He said, and I quote, "I'm never satisfied with my own work, so I'm numbing you in case I find something to fix, which I always do." WHAT!? Needless to say, I was quite irritable with him, and thankful for my new dentist who is amazing! 

Then I called the Catalina Corp. regarding my $10 LWFG catalina that didn't print last night. Apparently I was $0.02 short! TWO CENTS SHORT!! Two of the items I purchased that were on sale at Vons complete with LWFG white promotional tags are in fact NOT part of the LWFG promotion. So because I was  TWO CENTS SHORT the catalina corp cannot mail me my catalina. The guy could not believe I was TWO CENTS SHORT! He said he's never seen that happen, and there was nothing he could've done. So I called the Vons store afterwards, spoke to the manager and explained the situation, (and how dear this $10.00 catalina is to me) and she went and checked the shelf. Sure enough the items in question were indeed marked with the white LWFG promotional tags, so she told me to bring my receipt in and she will give me a $10.00 store credit. Whew, at least that one worked out!

Then I got home to start posting the grocery sales for the week of 5/6-5/12 and my computer is acting up yet again. (It's a newer iMac that we bought in November of 2008, which 4 days after receiving my husband crashed. We've taken into the Mac store several times, and it still is not fixed... grr....) Not only is my computer acting up, but I noticed that my blog went a little wacky while I was away. Apparently the swagbucks buttons I added felt a little threatened by my printable coupons button, so they staged a coup-de-tat and took over! However it happened, my coupon buttons are M.I.A. and Swagbucks has apparently taken there place. Hmm... it would be an easy fix, if my computer were working properly. 

Alas, I'm giving up for the day, and will try again tomorrow!! I'm off to figure out dinner. (Yet another thing that went wrong today) I had my timing and everything down for the scrumption split pea soup I was making tonight, only to realize that after my FOUR transactions yesterday at Vons I still somehow managed to forget the two items on my shopping list that I really needed for tonight! Ay yi yi! So split pea is out the window tonight, and I'm left scrambling to defrost meat from the freezer, and throw together a quick dinner before my husband gets home, because when he gets home it's PLYO time, (more regarding plyo, and what it is in an upcoming post...) and then I'm off to our church's monthly prayer meeting, and possibly the only thing that will go right for me today!! 

I hope your day was much smoother than mine! 
Have a wonderful night everyone!