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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please Join Me in Prayer

This is my precious, 5 year old daughter, who at the moment is very sick.
She has a severe case of Mono, with complications to the liver, and Strep Throat to boot!!
We got results this afternoon from her most recent blood work, that were not good. 
Her numbers are WAY up, and she is getting sicker, not better.
The "specialist" is starting to suspect Lupus may be the cause of what's going on.
I would like to ask my fellow sister's in Christ, who read this blog, to join me in prayer for my daughter. I have faith that God is in control, and that all things work together for good, for those who believe in Him. I also have faith in my God, and believe that He, being the Creator of all, can perform miraculous healings, and nothing is too big for Him. He answers the prayers of his people, and I would like to ask all of my readers who are children of God, to join me in prayer. It's greatly appreciated! If you would like to know more about what is going on, or are just curious, please feel free to keep reading. If not, thank you for your prayers!

Last Wednesday we found out my daughter had Mono. I took her to the Dr. for something else completely, but started to bring some concerns I had about my 5 year old to the Doctor. You see about 4 weeks ago I noticed a change in her behavior. Her appetite changed, her sleeping patterns changed, and out of the blue she started taking naps again. I didn't think too much about it, and wasn't too concerned. After all she is 5 and 5 year olds still go through growth spurts. I chalked it up to another growth spurt, and was bracing myself for the shopping trip, I knew was coming! Then she started taking 3-4 hour naps. I thought it was odd, but explainable. Her brother's must be waking her up too early... (she shares a room with her 3 siblings) She's definitely going through a growth spurt! Then last Wednesday, she woke up from one of her now daily naps, crying that her throat was hurting really badly. This is not an uncommon complaint, and one she'd been having for about a week, as well as a tummy ache, but there were no accompanying fever's, swelling, anything!  I figured it was an excuse to get out of eating what was put in front of her. Another commonality in our household! This time was different though. She was actually crying about the pain in her throat, and her throat looked swollen. Sure enough, upon further investigation, I could see the pus on tonsils, so I took her to the Dr immediately, confident that my 5 year old had Strep Throat. Earlier that day I had conferred with my daughter's Step-Mom regarding the behavioral changes I had noticed, and she had noticed them too, and like me, thought she was going through a growth spurt. Once at the Doctor's office, my daughter's Pediatrician immediately cultured for Strep Throat, and we discussed the changes in my daughter. I was insisting to the Pediatrician that I suspected my daughter had Mono. The Pediatrician was highly skeptical, as it's not too common for 5 year olds to contract Mono. The Pediatrician was certain that my 5 year old was depressed. WHAT!? My 5 year old is depressed!? I don't think so! I know my daughter, and I also have dealt with depression many years, and she is not depressed. So after much insistence the doctor tested my daughter for everything. Labs were ordered to test her blood, white t-cells, liver function, kidney function, mono, you name it they tested for it. The results came back, and she definitely had Mono, but even scarier she had what was described to me as "mono induced hepatitis of the liver".  The doctor continued to express how serious this truly was for my 5 year old. They ordered more lab work two days after, and her numbers came down, meaning she was on the road to recovery and getting better! Then earlier this morning my daughter had to go in for yet more blood work... the results were not good. Her numbers had gone WAY up, even higher than the first initial test. So in fact, she's getting worse, when I thought she was getting better! I thought for sure today would bring great news from the doctor in regards to her lab results. Over the past two days, my 5 year old has been eating better, sleeping less, drinking 4-5 Pediasur's a day, and she's had more energy than in the last two weeks! (She was sleeping around 16 hours a day for a while!) So I was shocked to hear the bad news. But, it got worse. My daughter's pediatrician has been consulting with a specialist, as she has never personally had a Mono case this severe, so to be on the safe side, she's been discussing everything with the specialist, before discussing it with us. She informed me today, that the Specialist is starting to suspect Lupus is at play here, and that is why she's getting worse not better. The specialist wants to try a few things first, and then start testing my daughter next Wednesday if there is no improvement. So bright and early tomorrow morning I have to take my 5 year old to Urgent Care where she will be hooked up to an IV for 2-4 hours, and praying that she is only dehydrated, and that is causing her to get worse, not better. And this won't be a pretty sight in the morning, let me tell you! Just to get the blood drawn for the lab work these past 3 times, it was required my to wrap my legs around her and hold her tight, as well as the assistance of 2-3 technicians to help hold her down, while 1 draws the blood. Oh, all the while, I'm covering her mouth to muffle the blood curtling screams she's letting loose! Like a wild banschee!! The first time she had to get her blood drawn, there was a little girl around 8 years old who was waiting. After listening to Corinne scream bloody murder it was her turn to get blood drawn. She was hyperventilating before she ever got to the seat, and freaking out! This of course my daughter found funny, and now it was all I could do to muffle her laughter! Ay yi yi! Children!

Anyway, that is what is going on in our household. Oh, and me sanitizing like a mad woman trying to keep my 7 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old from catching Mono, as it's HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS for the duration! Sound like fun? =) 
Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for those of you who read this mini book for letting me unload my burden of stress, worry, and fear. It's always scary when the little one's get sick, and there's not much you can do as a parent but PRAY!!

If you would join me in prayer, I would HIGHLY appreciate it!