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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Computer Needs Fixin'

I'm SO sad! My computer, the [7th] baby of mine will be leaving for the Apple store first thing in the  morning. We've been having some long term issues with the performance [of this otherwise beautiful machine] that we ordered brand new last November. 

It's a long story, but I'd be happy to share it if the demand is there. 

SO.... to make this short and simple [as there is no sweetness involved...] I don't know when I will get my computer back!

Last time it was gone for 12 days, only to come back, unfixed, because the GENIUSES, didn't deem it necessary. 

I'm preparing myself for it to be gone another 12 days. 


If that is to be the case, I will still be posting, from anywhere I can, but like the last month, [with my daughter being so sick] I won't be posting as frequently, or with ALL of the Freebies, and Frugal Finds out there in cyberland. 

I will however do my grocery Frugal Finds, and weekly sales, the best that I can!

 and P.S.

 I didn't FORGET to post the RedBox code this week [like last week..] but there was actually NO CODE this week! Hopefully the first Monday in June!