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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Think I'm In Love!!

Don't ask me how, but I stumbled onto this CRAFTSBURY KIDS website/shop and I AM IN LOVE! I'm ordering the Lion Jigsaw Puzzle for my Son, mainly to hear him say "Yaiyan"... too cute! They have a great sale right now, AND even their non sale items are ADORABLE!! I am SO in love, and have found my NEW FAVORITE ONLINE "BOUTIQUE"!!
$3.60 (was $12) 70%off LIMITED TIME!

Though keep in mind this is a boutique, where almost everything is hand made with top quality in mind! So some of the prices are a bit out of my Frugal Budget, a girl can still window shop can't she!?

Here are a few of my FAVORITE things from their store!

Never before have I seen something this original, and breathtaking before! 
I LOVE jewelry, and my favorite kind is unique one of a kind pieces, with that handmade quality touch. THIS took my breath away when I saw this, and I just stumbled onto their site! Now I find out this was featured in Better Homes and Gardens... (I need a subscription!) 
I have 4 children, and I would LOVE to sport this one of a kind piece. And just think, EACH necklace is TRULY ONE OF A KIND, because no two children are exactly alike!! 
I wish I had known about this before today, but I hear Mother's Day Gift 2010 bells ringing in my "If Only" mindset! 

(because I love ALL things butterflies, dainty, and handmade!)