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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Albertsons Deals July 8-14

FREE REDBOX RENTAL WYB 4 PARTICIPATING GM PRODUCTS-in a single transaction. Following are the products that are part of this deal: 
ALL ARE $1.88!!!!
-Multigrain Cheerios
-Honey Nut Cheerios
-Golden Grahams
-Cookie Crisp
-Cinnamon Toast Crunch
-Cocoa Puffs
-Cookie Crisp
-Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks
-Fruit Gushers
-Fruit Rollups
-Fruit by the Foot

What makes this an even sweeter deal is THIS Betty Crocker Fruit Snack Catalina going on now thru 7/12!! (Thanks A Thrifty Mom)-I haven't tried this personally yet, so not sure if this works in the So Cal area. I will try it tomorrow though!-
BUY 3 GET $1.50 Catalina 
BUY 4 GET $2.50 Catalina
BUY 5 or more GET $3.50 Catalina

Here are the scenarios I'm going to try:
Trans #1 & 2
5- Fruit Snacks $1.88=$9.40
-2 $.50/2 IP & 6/14SS
FP: $8.40-Use $5.00 GC
OOP COST: $3.40 +$3.50 CAT & FREE REDBOX RENTAL! (which means FREE Fruit Snacks and 4 free redbox rentals this week!)

Trans #3
4 Multi Grain Cheerios: $1.88=$7.52
-4 $.75/1 IP
FP:$4.52-$3.50 CAT
OOP COST: $1.02 + Another FREE Redbox rental! (which will make it 5 free rentals this week!)

I'm most excited about this deal at Albertsons this week!! My kids LOVE fruit snacks [frankly so do I] and this is Stock Up City right here folks! =) I need to go see how many coupons I have for Fruit Snacks and maybe do more than just the 2 transactions... =) [I won't have to buy Fruit Snacks for almost a year after this deal!!]

Lean Pockets/Hot Pockets: $1.99
-$.50/1Q in 5/17SS 
FP: $1.49 ea

Marie Callender's Al Dente: $1.99
-$1.00/1Q in 5/17SS
FP: $.99 ea

Slim Fast Shakes/Bars: $4.99 -LIMIT 2
-$1.40/1Q (shake) in 5/17 & 6/28RP
-$1.00/1Q (bars) in 5/17 & 6/28RP
FP: $3.59-$3.99ea

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs: $2.49ea
-$1.00/2Q in 6/21 SS
FP: 2/$3.98

Farmer John Link Sausages: $1.00
Breakfast Sausages: $2.00
Bacon: $3.00

Shopper's Value Milk Gal.:$1.99 WYB 2

Albertsons Margarine Quarters: 10/$10

Kraft Mayo: $2.99
-$1.00/1Q in 6/14SS (miracle whip)
-$.75/1Q in 6/21SS (Mayo 24oz >)
FP: $1.99-$2.24

Crystal Geyser 24pk: $3.99

*In Ad Coupon*
Get 1 FREE 16.9oz 12 pk of Lipton Sparking Green Tea WYB 2 16.9oz 12 pks Lipton Iced Tea
which are on sale 2/$12
FP: 3/$12

Kashi: 20% OFF!!
-pizza--entree--pocket  bread--waffles-

CPK/Digiorno Pizza for One: 4/$10
-$1.00/2Q in 6/14SS (digiorno)
-????? CPK pizza??
FP: 4/$8

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna: $.89

Knorr Sides Plus Veggie Sides: 10/$10
-$1.00/3Q in 5/17RP (if it will work with these)
FP: 3/$2.00

Rubbermaid Food Storage: 50% OFF!
-$1.00/1Q in 6/7 SS & /28 RP
FP: ???

Coppertone Sun Screen: 25% OFF!

Wrigley's Gum: 10/$10

I only post what I feel are the best deals, so you may feel like I missed something! If you do feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to include your deal into this post for everyone to share! Also, I now have a Printable Coupon List in the left hand column of my blog. You'll be able to print MANY of the same coupons using the various links!