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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from vacation BUT...

I came back to find that my kitchen is fully infested with

Non only did they get into ALL of my grains, and pasta,
they also got into almost ALL of my
cake mixes, spices, seasoning mixes, cereals, teas, coffee, crackers,
if it's a dry food or staple, you name it, they got into it!

They even managed to make their way into my air tight canisters, AND my unopened vacuum sealed packages of food from Trader Joe's... my expensive, non coupon, organic, foods...

[sniff... sniff...]

So my last few days have been spent throwing out B.A.G.S. of food,
[and by BAGS I mean several 60 gal. outdoor trash bags, B.A.G.S.!]
clearing out ALL of my cupboards looking for additional sources of food for these buggars,
cleaning and wiping down EVERY drawer and cupboard with extra hot water and bleach,

but then...

in this process...

I discovered...


In places I know I've cleaned out and recently, and the droppings weren't there!

So folks, not only do I have an Indian Meal Moth infestation
[of the severe sort]
but I also have a Rodent Infestation!

Which apparently go hand in hand.

Terminex is coming out today to spray and lay traps, and help me get a jump start on these infestations!

So instead of lazily sipping my coffee, perusing the grocery circular's for the best deals and coupon match-ups yesterday and today, I've basically had to move my entire kitchen into my living room, only to find..


in random inconspicuous places...

oh the joys of it all!!

So if you're wanting your coupon deals and matchups for this week please check out
A THRIFTY MOM she has a whole list of stores on the right hand side of her blog. Sadly, I don't have a Vons post this week for HER or YOU, but I'm sure Save At Home Mommy does!!

I'll be back in a few days with pictures... lots of pictures... so you don't feel left out of the mayhem that is my home right now!