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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grocery Deals 7/15-21 & 7/22-28

I am leaving today for an impromptu 10 day vacation to Colorado with my Dad and 4 kids.
My dad has had this vacation planned for a while, but plans changed, and last Sunday, my Dad invited my kids and I to tagalong! I love Colorado!
We are driving to Colorado {yes, driving with 4 children, 2 still in car seats -and, yes, I may have lost my mind!} for an annual family reunion. My dad is #11 of 12 children, so usually it's a BIG family reunion. This year should be fairly small... After the reunion, we are going up into the mountains to go camping and fishing! I'm so excited!!!!! Two of my favorite things!
I think... I've never done it with 4 kids.
We will return sometime late July 25th.

So I won't be able to post this weeks OR next weeks Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups.
But check out these ladies' blogs!
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Make sure to check back with their Albertsons deals, and coupon match ups next week too!
See you in 10 days!