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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Albie's Run Today!

Man oh man how I wish Albertsons in Southern California printed Doubler Coupons!
-post about that coming!-

Anyhow, I still managed to have a pretty Frugal trip today!

Here's my loot!
minus a few items...
(I took 3 frozen pizzas, and 1 Al Dente to my hubby at work to keep there)
Here's what my transactions looked like:
5- Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks -$1.64ea
(the ones I bought were marked down to $1.64, all the other's were on sale for $1.88-still a good deal...)
1- Nestle Water 24pk -$3.99 (woops, not pictured, left it in the truck)
4- CPK Pizza's -$2.50ea
5- Marie Callender's Al Dente Meals -$1.99ea

I used 2- $.50/2Q for BC Fruit Snacks
I used 1- $1.00/1Q for 24pk Nestle Bottled Waters
I used 4- $1.00/1Q for CPK frozen pizzas
I used 5- $1.00/1Q for Al Dente Meals

I paid $22.34 OOP and saved $34.91 OOP
(except I used a GC so I spent ZERO OOP!!)
BUT I got back $3.50 Catalina for buying 5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and I got a FREE Redbox rental coupon!!

Trans. #2
5- Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks -$1.64ea
2- Wrigley's Gum -$1.00ea

I used 2- $.50/2Q for BC Fruit Snacks
I used 1- B1/G1 FREE for the Wrigley's Gum
AND I used the $3.50 CAT from Trans. #1

I paid $4.70 OOP. I saved $14.33
(again I paid with a Gift Card so I paid ZERO OOP!)
BUT I got another $3.50 CAT for buying 5 BC Fruit Snacks AND another FREE Redbox Rental Coupon!!

Trans. #3
2- Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks -$1.64ea
3- Multi Grain Cheerios -$1.88ea

I used 1- $.50/2Q for the BC Fruit Snacks.
I used 1- $.75 IP for Multi Cheerios.
I used 1- $1.00/2Q for Multi Cheerios.
AND I used the $3.50 CAT from Trans. #2.

Total was $7.10. I used a $5.00 GC bringing my OOP cost to $2.10.
I saved $11.45
BUT I got another FREE Redbox Rental Coupon and... drats!
 I blew the BC Fruit Snacks Catalina Deal! I accidentally bought 2, and I should've bought THREE!!
O'well... STILL it's a pretty Frugal Deal!

I was a little irked with myself walking out to my truck when I realized that the reason I didn't get the $1.50 CAT I was expecting is because I didn't by THREE Fruit Snacks needed for the deal. So I decided to drown my woes in some tasty fruit snacks! Then I noticed the wording on the packaging of the "Stickerz"
So I opened all three boxes just for kicks to see if I'd won any money. 
Hoping that if I did it would make up for my blown transaction.
And wouldn't you know it...
    I WON!!
Yup! A $5.00 Gift Card!
I was so excited, people probably thought I'd lost my mind as I did a little "happy dance" behind my Suburban in the parking lot!
That MORE than makes up for my blown transaction!

So all in all I spent: $2.10 OOP (thanks to Gift Cards)
I saved $60.69 
($87.73 if you include the amount I spent on Gift Cards which were FREE to me...)
You see my prize Gift Card!? :D
(Nevermind the fuzziness, I blocked out the numbers...)

I'm a happy camper!!
I'm starting to love Albertsons- now if only they'd start putting out Doublers!! 
(so long Vons! We had a good thing going on, until you blew it!)