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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Kmart Deals...

Man oh man, I feel like I'm floating right now!
Is that silly? I'm sure it is, 
but I'm just so excited about my Kmart deals today!!

How much do you think I spent?
Ready for it?
I spent: $21.09!
I saved $82.92!
I love Kmart Doubles!!
Remember to print out this $5/$50 Kmart Coupon... it might come in handy!
Here's what I did:
--Remember thru 7/11 Kmart is DOUBLING up to 10 MF Coupons wyb $25 in a single transaction!--
Trans #1
3- Edge Shave Gels $1.99ea
2- Dove Deodorants $3.99ea
1- Axe Shampoo $4.99
2- Reach Toothbrushes $3.29ea

I used 3- $.75/1Q for Edge Shave Gel which doubled to 3- $1.50/1Q. I paid $.49OOP ea.
I used 2- $2.00/1Q for Dove deodorants (thank Leah!) Doubled to $4/1 making them FREE!!
I used 1- $2.00/1 IP for Axe Shampoo. Doubled to $4/1. I paid $.99 OOP.
I used 1- $1.00/1Q -Doubled to $2/1 AND 1- B1/G1 Q for Reach toothbrushes. So I paid $.65ea. 

I paid: $5.34 OOP.
I saved: $24.17!!

Here's where things get REALLY exciting! Kmart is having a sale on toys right now. 
(I don't know how long this will last though... sorry)
There is a $5/$20 purchase of toys that you can combine with this sale.
I noticed that majority of their LEAP FROG items were on clearance.
Leap Frog has Coupons you can print that will make this deal even better!

Here's what I did!!

Trans. #2
1- Leap Frog ClickStart "Animal Art Studio"-$8.50 after xtra 50% off. ($17.00-clearance) 
1- Leap Frog ClickStart "Finding Nemo" -$5.50 after xtra 50% off. ($11.00-clearance)
2- Little Tikes Animal Phones -$3.00 after xtra 50% off. ($6.00-clearance)
1- Cars Puzzle -$.75 after xtra 50% off. ($1.25-clearance)
[this was my filler item to make sure I got up to the $20 limit-and yes, all the pcs ARE there...]

I used 1- $5/$20 Kmart Coupon
I used 2- $3.00/1 IP for Click Start Games

I paid: $11.29 OOP.
I saved: $26.75!

Trans #2
1- Leap Frog Tag Book "I Spy" -$5.00 after xtra 50% off. ($10.00-clearance)
1- Leap Frog Tag Book "Kung Foo Panda" -$5.00 after xtra 50% off. ($10.00-clearance)
1- Leap Frog Tag Book "Fosters Home.." -$5.00 after xtra 50% off. ($10.00-clearance)
1- Leap Frog Tag Book "SpongeBob" -$5.00 after xtra 50% off. ($10.00-clearance)

I used 1- $5/$20 Kmart Coupon.
I used 4- $3.00/1 IP for Leap Frog Tag Books.

I paid: (ready?) $4.46 OOP!!
I saved: $32.00!!