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Friday, July 3, 2009

A Great New Website!!

I just stumbled upon a GREAT NEW SITE! I'm so excited I HAD to share it with you guys!!

It's called 
all modest clothes - all in one place

Here is an excerpt from their ABOUT page:
"Sensibly Styled helps you find modest clothes by pulling together all the modest styles, from all the clothing brands you like, all in one place.

You aren’t the only one out there that is tired of not being able to find dresses that have sleeves, or skirts that hit your knee. There are tons of women everywhere who are tired of only being able to find low cut, sleeveless, and tight clothing. We believe that you can still be fashionable and look great without  lowering your standards."

They even have an Under $25 section!

Another bonus is that they don't only feature clothing from Teeny Bopper stores.
No offense to those stores...
[think Wet Seal, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe]
but after having 4 kids I just don't fit into those sizes anymore!
[nor should I try!]

This site features great, MODEST clothing from all over. 
The key here is MODEST!!!

Am I the only one who HATES going shopping for clothes because finding something MODEST and CUTE is more like finding a needle in a haystack?
I refuse to accept the "flaunt what you got" mentality.

You must go check them out!
(no they did not give me any incentive to do this... I'm just THAT excited about it!)
Just look at these cute clothes, all under $30 I might add!