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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bolt DVD Coupon!

There is a $5 coupon floating around for Bolt that was released this past Tuesday. I've also found a $4 rebate when you buy the DVD and ONE of the following pasta products;  Ronzoni® Smart Taste™, Ronzoni®, San Giorgio®, Creamette®, American Beauty®, Prince® or Skinner®. That's a total of $9.00 OFF of the DVD! So if you have young kids, (or you're like us and love kids movies) make it a pasta night, and go get the DVD!

I'm going tonight to see if I can't get my hands on the DVD, with my handy $5 coupon, and said rebate! Go here to print the coupon, and then go here to print the rebate. There is also a $10 off coupon on the same page if you buy the Blu-Ray instead, stacked with the $4 rebate makes a total $14 off the Blu Ray version!

 Here's a price list for a few stores in the Long Beach, Ca. area according to their weekly ads.
Target: $15.99 (-$5Q=$10.99!) (-$5Q & $4Rebate=$6.99!) <------BEST DEAL I'VE FOUND!
Ralphs: $19.99 (-$5Q=$15.99!) (-$5Q&$4Rebate=$11.99!)
Best Buy:$16.99 (-$5Q=$11.99!) (-$5Q&$4Rebate=$7.99!)
 Happy Shopping!

Please let me know if you've found an even better deal on this!