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Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Fun Frugal Fridays

Do something Fun and Frugal with your Family on Friday's! (that was a mouthful!)
No, seriously! 

Need an idea?
-Rent a movie (not from Hollywood Video or Blockbuster though, we're trying to make Family Fun Friday a Frugal event!)
-Make some S'mores Pops (for a fun movie snack twist)
-Turn off the lights and get at least an hour of cuddle time with the Family!
Then afterwards have fun sharing favorite bits of the movie with each other.

**** ******** ****
I don't recommend renting movies from Hollywood Video or Blockbuster. They are TOO expensive for new releases! Almost every town has a neighborhood $1 video rental store. They usually have the new releases just like the big video store chains, and they are only $1!! However, these $1 video stores require you to return the movie by the close of the following business day to avoid any late fees. Check with your individual store as to what their rental, and late fee policies are. 

If you don't have a local $1 video store check your local grocery store, go to RedBox! This is my personal favorite! And I'm seeing RedBox popping up everywhere! My local Albertsons has two! These are convenient too! They are like giant movie vending machines where all movies cost $1. (This is one vending machine you won't mind your kids bugging you about!) RedBox is my favorite because EVERY Monday and Wednesday they put out FREE MOVIE RENTAL CODES! (That's 2 FREE movie rentals per week! 8-10 per month! 104 FREE movie rentals per year!!) 

What makes this so Frugal you wonder since you're buying the video? This is how I look at it:
#1 It's a $1 video rental.
#2 I've already received 2 free rentals, and I'm paying $1.08 (after tax(at least through April 1st-another story)) So essentially you are paying $.36 per video rental! 

That's Frugal in my book!