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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 3/29 Coupons

Just a quick note regarding todays coupons. I picked up several copies of the LA Times, OC Register, and Press Telegram and was pretty happy about the amount of GOOD coupons today! If you haven't already done so I suggest you go buy at least one copy of all 3 papers if you can! Trust me, with the amount of $1 off and B1/G1 coupons it's worth the $4 you will spend buying the 3 papers. 

If you have a 99 Cent Store near you I recommend buying your LA Times there. It's only $.99!
Also, not sure if this was just a fluke, or if it was only my Starbucks that charges this, but I purchased one LA Times this morning on my way to church and it was only $.75! I'm thinking it might've been a fluke since that's the normal weekly price of the paper. I was in such a hurry, and the line was getting pretty long behind me (full of anxious people waiting for their morning fix) that I didn't want to hold up the line with a bunch of questions, so I didn't ask the girl about the pricing.  BUT with that said, it still might be worth it to try your local Starbucks (as there IS one on just about every corner) in the off chance the pricing was not a fluke! Then you would be able to buy 2 LA Times for the price of 1!!

I'll post more great coupon deals and matchups later. Right now I have one little one waking up from a nap, and the other one with possible Chicken Pox!
-Wish me luck! Because if it IS Chicken Pox than my son will surely give it to his 1 yr old brother, and then because we homeschool and have all the kids home with us all week long our 5 and 7 year old girls will get it as no one has had it yet.... Did I say wish me luck? I mean PRAY for my sanity! =)

Have a Blessed Sunday!!