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Monday, March 30, 2009


Free Facial Treatment at Your Nearest Clarins Counter!
(This is PERFECT with Mother's Day right around the corner!!)

Stress, the changing seasons, five months of dry indoor air. Our poor skin could use some love right now. So today's SweetFind is perfectly timed; it's a free printable coupon for a facial treatment at your local Clarins counter. Before you go, we've got some quick tips about redeeming these kind of offers. Once you've found your local Clarins counter be sure to call first and verify that they're equipped to offer this service. Though it's coming straight from the company, we've found that sometimes the info on "free facial treatment" offers at department store beauty counters doesn't roll out to all employees. But that doesn't mean it's not available, if you're patient and pleasant. Call first and verify and you'll skip that awkward in-person conversation, and they'll be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. 

(This was an excerpt from the offer site.... I didn't write this. I felt obligated to mention that, as when I first posted this I forgot to mention this, and people thought I was the one giving out the advice. When in fact, I just wanted to share the Clarins offer with you guys from the RedPlum site!-Sorry for any confusion!)