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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Weeks Frugal Adventures

As I’m writing this post, I’m chiding myself for not taking pictures of my shopping adventure at Albertsons, and Vons a few nights ago! O’well, next time. These deals are from the last sale cycle, but I'm still thrilled about the fact that I was able to match up my coupons with sales for stuff we use regularly, and stuff we needed, for very a greatly reduced OOP amount! The 23rd was my biggest day of savings to date! Too good not to share!

ALBERTSONS 3/23/2009:

Dannon yogurt:

Buy 10, Get 10 FREE.


-$1.00/10 MFQ.

Final Price=20/$8! (.40/yogurt)


Sale price $4.49

-$3.00 MFQ

Final Price= $1.49

Total OOP for 20 Dannon Yogurts, and a bottle of Listerine= $9.86

Total Savings of=$16.00!

Not to bad for a novice eh?

(If I had a larger stash of coupons, I might’ve been able to save even more money on this sale, but seeing as I only had one coupon, I was still excited about the price. We go through A LOT of yogurt in this house, and Dannon just happens to make my FAVORITE flavor. Key Lime... yum!)


Instead of listing item by item the purchases made, I’ll just skip to the best part. (Since this won’t be replicated, as it was last weeks sale cycle.)

Number of items sold: 48

Total OOP cost: $48.46

Total Savings: $70.15!!

That’s a savings of 60%

To date, my largest amount of savings at a grocery store!!


Thank you Moneysavingmom and AThriftymom, couldn’t have done it without you’re great advice and tips!!