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Monday, March 30, 2009

Coupon Match-Ups Coming Shortly

I'm still working on posting the Coupon Match-Ups with last weeks Grocery Flyers, and the current sales that will end Tuesday. Sorry that they're late in being posted! It's been a crazy weekend with the kids! We had a Birthday Party for #3 Saturday, and then a Chicken Pox scare Sunday. I was planning on posting them while babies #3/#4 were napping, but that didn't work out as planned... as we were busy with school. Now they are up up from their naps, and lunches need making, things need cleaning, and dinner needs preparing. Did I mention diapers need changing? That seems to be a never ending thing! Dear Hubby gets home from work early today and so I'm hoping that in the hour between his arrival home, and dinner being cooked that I can post the deals I found at Ralphs, Albertsons, and Vons. That way there will be enough time for you to go out and grab the sales this evening after the kiddo's are in bed (granting you have someone to leave them with) or you can grab the deals sometime tomorrow, as the new sales start Wed. 
Just wanted to let you know what's in the works, and why it's taking SO long! Bare with me!