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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Money Saving Tips

For those of you new to coupon clipping, or just plain new to the concept of shopping frugally, I’d like to include different tips, advice, and links to the women and their blogs who’ve helped me tremendously! I was overwhelmed in the beginning of my quest to save more money, reduce our grocery bill, (to under $300/month for a family of 6!) find more ways and opportunities to give and help others in need, and to become a more responsible steward of all that the Lord has blessed us with! I’m still learning the ropes, and everyday finding new ways to lead a more frugal lifestyle, all the while glorifying God in the process. These blogs, and women have been such a blessing with their ministries, and fruits of their labor!


I have found this site to be invaluable! It is full of free deals, almost free deals, and weekly sales/promotions at different stores throughout the country, such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Wal Mart! This blog is updated daily, and I’ve found that if I check it in the morning, I find great money saving deals! For example, a few months ago I was alerted to a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Martha Stewart Living magazine via this blog! In the last week I’ve received 4 different Martha Stewart Living magazines! How cool is that!?

Here are a few links to the tips and advice offered on this blog:

CVS 101- A guide for those new to CVS shopping, or unfamiliar with CVS, and ECB’s.

CVS: Making It Work For You!- A Q&A forum with commonly asked questions, and advice.

Walgreens 101- A guide on how to navigate the Walgreens Rebate and EasySaver program.

She also has some great advice and tips on how to accumulate, and organize your coupon stash!

This is one of my favorite money saving blogs, and I hope you find it as invaluable as I have!

A Thrifty Mom

Another little gem of a blog I stumbled onto recently. Most impressive, is that this blog is only about two months old!! She is from Idaho, and offers up some great freebies, coupon match-ups, advice, and tips to her readers daily!

Keeping the Kingdom First

This site is great on so many levels! It’s a Christian site, with the goal of glorifying God. Read more about this site, and its blogger’s ministry here. This site is full of helpful tips, advice, and offers with the goal of helping you the reader become more frugal, so that in return you are able to have more money to give away, and be used for the Kingdom of God!