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Friday, March 27, 2009

Diaper Sale

I was at Wal Mart today (LB Towne Center off of 605/Carson exit) and they had new Rollback's on Diapers. 
Pampers: $9.72 ($1.00 off normal price) 
-Combine the rollback price with $1.50/any mailed Q and that makes it $8.22. Best price I've found for Pampers all week. I also had a $1.00/1Q so I bought 2 packs. (We had only 1 diaper left...woops!)

Huggies: $9.72 ($1.00 off normal price)
-If you're lucky enough to still have those $5/1 printable Q's around combine the Rollback price and your Q and that makes for $4.72 per package! Definitely a great price for Huggies!

Luvs: $7.97 (normal price)
-I had two $1/1 Q's so I got two packages for $6.97. 

I'm sure I could have saved even more money had I pounced on super savings deals at Wags or CVS, but seeing as we were completely out of diapers, this sale was good enough for me.
My advice? 
Stock up on diapers when they are at super saver prices! Match your coupons with the best deals and then stock, stock, stock! Then you won't be like me. Running out of diapers, and having to run out to the store, and grab whatever sale I can find! 

Still, Wal Mart does have the best sale price compared to Wags, Ralphs, Target, and Vons right now. Wags as Huggies diapers on sale right now for $9.99. Wal Mart is a whole$.27 cheaper! (Hey that adds up!) And my Target had Luvs priced at $8 and some change. 

So if you NEED diapers, go to WalMart!