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Monday, March 30, 2009

VONS Coupon Policy

I am waiting for an "official" letter from Vons Corporate, but this is what I know as of right now. I will update you all when I receive my letter. (I'd like to upload it here, if anyone knows how please feel free to contact me!)

All Manufacturer's coupons will be accepted subject to the terms on the 
coupon with the following exceptions: 

1. All coupons will be redeemed at face value. Only one manufacturer's coupon will be accepted per item. Manufacturers' coupons duplicated in any form will not be accepted. 
2. Liquor, tobacco, fresh fluid milk products, competitors' manufacturer, in-store demo and free coupons including "buy one, get one free; or free groceries with a specified purchase) will be redeemed at face value. 
3. Limited to sales in retail quantities only. 
4. Any requests to redeem competitor coupons are left to the discretion of the store management. 
5. Applicable sales tax will be charged on all manufacturers' coupons. 

Von's Double Coupon Policy
As of 4/26/07, Vons is doubling up to $1.00. Only the 1st like coupon will be doubled. There is no expiration to this policy as of today.

Manufacturer Coupons 
Manufacturer coupons will only be honored for the actual item on the coupon (and not for another item from the same manufacturer). In the past, manufacturer coupons could be substituted for another product from the same manufacturer. Now the item purchased must be the exact item on the coupon.