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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FREE 30 day supply Celebrity Teeth Whitener (+$4.99 S/H)

Here's an offer for an almost FREE $30 day supply of Celebrity Teeth Whitener, after a $50 Mail In Rebate. (you do however have to pay $4.99 in Shipping Fees-so don't be surprised...)Read more about the product and offer here. To activate the $50 Rebate making this offer FREE click on one of the STARS at the Top of the Page on either side of the word sexy.

Please note the following highlighted areas marked in RED. And PLEASE make sure to read the FULL Terms and Conditions for your own sake! Also make sure you make note of the 14 day FREE trial period and CANCEL before it ends!! Otherwise you WILL be charged, making this not such a Free deal afterall! Or you can do what I do! Place your order, wait until you receive the confirmation for you order, than call right away and CANCEL! That way you won't forget come the end of the 14 days, and you won't be charged! BUT you will still receive you're FREE 30 day supply!!

*Included in your purchase: $50 Mail in Rebate plus FREE membership in WellnessWatchersMD for two full weeks!

Get free health and beauty advice from nationally recognized specialist Dr. Kerry D. Friesen, M.D. based on your unique profile – a $149 value! Plus two free weeks to give your honest opinion on WellnessWatchersMD, the startling new interactive program that rips the covers off age-banishing secrets known only to medical experts. You pay only $2.99 handling today. Reveals the one food guaranteed to extend your healthy years 12% (but only if you don't eat it!) Discloses sex triggers hidden in your kitchen for endless power and endurance. Exposes shocking health and beauty rip-offs you must avoid at all costs. Plus much more! If you don't agree this is too revealing to pass up, simply call toll-free to cancel within 14 days. Otherwise, the monthly fee of $29.95 will be charged to the credit card you used today by WellnessWatchersMD. Even if you cancel, your doctor's advice is still free, plus you receive Celebrity Sexy Teeth completely free after rebate. $50 Mail in Rebate Provided by WellnessWatchersMD within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the easy email rebate form.
Offer Limit 1 per Customer, and offer only valid in the US.