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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Bit Discouraged (August 12, 2008)

That subject line pretty sums up the way things are going around here as of late! Not in every facet, just a few major ones!

Now that I can openly blog about it, Richard and I MIGHT be moving! Friends of ours (Mary and Jason Bouma) are currently renting a 3bdrm house in Long Beach, and are going to be moving to Selma, Ca. to buy a house. (Way to go guys!!) =o) It's kind of a funny story how it all came about, but Mary has passed our information to her landlord, who has indeed contacted us. (About a week and a half ago now...) She said that she would be mailing us an application to fill out and return to her, and that no decisions would be made until her husband was safely home from Africa. Which is totally understandable! However, this is where I'm struggling with discouragement. We still haven't received the application that was said to be coming last week. I understand why, thanks to a conversation with Mary, but waiting patiently is SO HARD to do sometimes! [I keep having dreams where instead of receiving an application in the mail we receive as apology letter that states, 'Sorry we cannot rent to you at this time. You have too many children, for us to be able to rent to you.'] HA! More of a bad dream I guess you could say!

I know God has a plan for us, and that the only thing we NEED to do is seek Him in ALL things. It's so much easier said than done! I also know that when there are areas in your life that need to be worked on, God will sometimes give you a trial to strengthen you in those areas. Patience has always been a virtue that I lack. And it's glaringly obvious that right now I must be patient, and seeking HIM while waiting to hear if we are in fact going to get this house or not. {Pray for me! =oP }

Another area where I am totally discouraged right now, is our finances, and our Total Money Makeover. When we started this we knew that if anything can go wrong it will, and more often than not it will all at one time! That seems to be the consistant place Richard and I have been in lately! If there is something that can work against us, it will!! Everytime! We were all set to pay off our second credit card this month, but unfortunately, that has been pushed back by about 3-4 months. =o( Two reasons mainly. The first being Homeschool. Chalk it up to still being new at this whole budgeting a month in advance, or just being irresponsible, but I COMPLETELY forgot about budgeting in for purchasing our 2nd grade curriculum. Woops. Thankfully we had the money, and did not have to put any on credit. We just won't be paying off that credit card this month. (On an upside though, I was able to purchase ALL of our curriculum for $425 vs. over $800!!)

The second reason we won't be paying off that credit card for another 3-4 months is hospital bils. BOO! (I HATE medical bills!) We thought we had finally paid off all of our medical bills the first month we started our Total Money Makeover, but alas, yesterday another showed up in the mail, and after calling our insurance to confirm the amount we are responsible, we now have another hospital bill to pay that is over a thousand dollars!! SUCKY! (Another flipside is that because of this Total Money Makeover we are able to pay this in full next month, and not have to put it on credit, and we don't have to freak about how we are going to pay it!)

(So as discouraged as I feel right now, I guess I'm not doing too bad!! =o) Just writing this I was able to find two silver linings in the stormy clouds!)

Om a more exciting note, we are excited to be starting second grade soon!! There are a loto f new things being implemented this year that I personally am very excited about! If you're curious I plan on posting another blog, but a private one! If you aren;t a preferred reader message or comment me and I will put you on the list!! If you aren't sure but would like to be also let me know and I will put you on the list!

Tata for now, the boys are up from their naps and it's lunchtime in the Wilson household.

Have a blessed day!!