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Sunday, September 21, 2008

POOP!!!!!!!!! (July 17, 2008)

I have a POOP HEAD for a son! LITERALLY! We are leaving for Colorado today, so last night was a late night spent getting everything ready and in the truck. Richard had to work this morning so he got up, got ready, and I got up to get the boys. I could've cried the minute I set foot in the boys room! Kai was laying in his crib kicking at the wall, and the stench is overwhelming!! I greeted Kaleb, who now always greets with a smile, and then went to change Kai's normal first thing in the morning poopy diaper. Easy beans right? NOPE!! He slept with a shirt and shorts on, and they were still on, but there was poop EVERYWHERE! All over Kai from head to toe, all over his clothes, all over the sheet, all over the bumper, all over the crib, all over the toys in the crib, ALL OVER! He was so proud of himself too! He kept giving me his knowing little cheezy smile. ARRGH!! Richard helped me get him into the shower so I could undress him, and then I bathed him. Then a now late for work Richard took all of the bedding off and into trash bags so I can figure out a way to clean them, and now I have to go clean the crib, the toys, the wall (I'm sure), and tub, AND the shower!!

This SUCKS!!

It's not as if I didn't have ANYTHING to do this morning other than clean POOP!