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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sianora Gymnastics (August 2, 2008)

Yup, it's sad but true. Richard and I have decided to pull Cassidy out of gymnastics after 3 years, countless hours, and a small fortune spent. It was fun, but we're all excited about what may lay ahead. There are many reasons why we are pulling her out. MONEY for one! For three years now we have been paying for Cassidy's gymnastics with VERY LITTLE to NO help from her donor dad. TIME is another big factor. 5 days a week are spent running at a frenzied pace to and from a gymnastics practice. Which with four children the youngest being 5 months old is just a little crazy to say the least. However the biggest and most important factor is our faith and convictions. Richard and I are trying to raise our children to love and obey Christ. We believe in storing up our treasures in heaven, not in the world. We believe that it is more important to invest our time, treasure, and talent for the good of the kingdom, not to invest it in the world and on worldy things that are just going to burn anyway. Yet here we are spending all of our time running to and from pracitices, and paying a fortune for her to stay with gymnastics. For what? We are not raising an olympic gymnast... We are telling her to love and obey the Lord, and to invest her time and talent into service FOR him, what we're having her invest it ALL in gymnastics, which is nothing more than the world....

We are all going to take a much needed break from hectic schedules! The girls' horse lessons will restart again every other week in September thanks to Grandpa Steve. Also in September we may look into the girls' starting piano lessons or maybe singing lessons. But we will see when the time comes. However, we will not let a sport, or activity become all consuming again.

So here's to big changes, and strengthening our walks in Christ!!