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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What did YOUR kids do in school today?

Today was one of those days that I just praised God for being able to homeschool my kids! Homeschooling has been and continues to be such a huge blessing to our family! We recently started learning about Ancient Egypt, and Cassidy is fascinated! We've been reading Exodus alongside our Egypt studies, since Moses lived in Egypt, and returned to lead Israel out of Egypt. Right now she's enthralled with mummies! She gets a bit grossed out learning about how the Ancient Egyptians performed their mummification process, especially the parts about pulling the brain out through the nose with a metal hook, or removing all of the internal organs, and filling the body with natron. Even though she gets grossed out looking at pictures of the process (none which are graphic) she chose to start a mummy project of her own. So today we went outside (where the temperature was like that of Egypt!) and started our mummies. We tore up newspaper into strips, shaped modeling clay into mummy forms, and with watered down glue and a paintbrush started covering the mummies with layers of newspaper. About 20 minutes into the project, the girls decided that with the heat it would be more fun to play in the water with Kai, and get soaking wet. Why not? Water play can be incorporated into school can't it? Well Cassidy found a way on her own. She got into the dirt, made her own Nile River, and then decided it would be more fun to orchestrate one of the annual Nile Floods we just read about, complete with fire truck "crocodiles", and a "baby Moses" (aka Kai). All three kids played in the water and mud for at least an hour, and Cassidy moved from her Egypt theme, to an ocean theme, where she flung water everywhere creating gyres. (Ocean surface currents, or "Jares" as she calls them) Corinne was left to run screaming from every Nile Crocodile, or Jellyfish, or Shark that Cassidy convinced her were chasing her. Kai was just content to be playing in the mud, getting wet, running after sister's, and climbing stairs. All in all, this was a pretty good school day I'd say. I was left wondering as I finished the clean up what the other kids did in school today, sitting at their desks in a hot, crowded room. It made me smile, and praise God for the freedom that my kids have!!

Our inspiration and supplies to make
our mummies.

Newspaper+glue+modeling clay=mummies!

The kids had a blast!!