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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maybe? Possibly? (August 13, 2008)

So, just recently I got reacquainted with an old friend from high school. She's awesome, and in just the few short weeks that we've reacquainted ourselves, she has taught me a lot of things I've never known, as well as inspired me in my walk with Christ. I'm so grateful to have gotten back in touch with her! The best part? She's a stay at home, soon to be home schooling, Christian, mommy of 4! (4 in December) It's like we've been leading somewhat parallel lives without ever knowing it!

Anywhoo, I just had to share one major blessing from Ashley.


I know most of you are thinking to yourselves right now, 'Raw what!? Rachael's definitely gone off her rocker!'

But seriously, this is the most amazing thing! (I still have not acquired a taste for it yet, but I'm working on it!) Ashley introduced me to this miracle product when I mentioned that Kai had MSPI. (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance) Her little Zara had a very similar reaction to milk and soy that Kai has, so when she recommended me try it, I immediately researched it, than went out the next day and bought it. (Wild Oats sells two different brands of Raw Milk and offer non-fat, percent, and whole, in case any are curious enough to research it and try it.)

I was praying that Kai would tolerate this stuff, and guess what!? So far he has! We are still in the testing phase with him, and have another week to go before we know for sure, but so far, so good! I found out a lot about the benefits of Raw Milk, which FAR out weigh the drawbacks! I also learned a lot about the pasteurization and homogenization processes, and am looking towards switching our family over completely from the pasteurized, homogenized 1% we drink now, to either 2% or whole Raw Milk!!

I'm not going buck wild at the moment and switching everyone over immediately, mainly because of costs. Since this is a much superior product it does come with a heftier price tag. (Well worth the cost though!) So with us living on a $300.00 a month food budget, I can't make the switch yet. (Also because I don't even budget dairy products IN to our $300/month food budget because WIC provides it all for us!! In surplus!)

Anyway, I just had to share this amazing product with you all! There are so many good websites out there, but here's a couple to start you on your way if you're interested.

There are many websites both for and against Raw Milk. I informed myself on both sides of the Raw Milk debate, and then I made a decision that I felt best for my family. I highly recommend you make an informed decision on what's best for you and yours. I am not a doctor, nor an expert on this subject, I only share my personal opinion, and experience!